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Robyn Wright ND

Healthy Evolutions


I’ve been immersed in healthcare for as long as I can remember. After earning my undergraduate degree at La Salle University, I managed a series of weight loss centers and even started my own health coaching business before entering medical school. In 2018, I earned my medical degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and upon graduation, I completed a year-long residency in primary care.

With over two decades of professional experience, my journey has taken me through various roles, from front desk reception, to back office administration, and even a pharmaceutical rep. Yet, it was during my time in weight loss centers that something truly clicked.

Witnessing individuals try various approaches, often with little or no success, was an eye-opening experience (some even went great lengths for weight loss surgery, and still gained their weight back). As a naturopathic doctor, I found that by addressing underlying health concerns, following healthy eating principles, and making lifestyle adjustments, my patients were truly able to transform their health!

While I treat most all health concerns, I primarily focus on  hormone, thyroid, and metabolic health. 

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