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INANP Secretary

Molly Harmon ND

Thrive Holistic Medicine

Fort Wayne IN

Raised in Winona Lake, Indiana, Dr. Harmon found a passion for people and medicine. During her undergraduate studies, at the University of Saint Francis, she worked at different hospitals as a Patient Care Tech to learn more about the different fields of medicine. It was during these hands-on patient encounters that she realized she needed to become a doctor. Dr. Harmon had a vision for helping people by putting health and care back into healthcare. Becoming a naturopathic doctor was the only field of medicine where she could learn to do just that. Dr. Harmon attended medical school at the National University of Health Sciences, in Lombard, Illinois, where she was trained in primary care and graduated with her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. She is extensively trained in botanical medicine, homeopathy, human and nutritional biochemistry, oriental medicine, spinal manipulation, and pharmacology. Dr. Harmon continues to expand her knowledge by attending medical seminars on acupuncture, personalized nutrition, and clinical homeopathy.

“I want to restore function, not replace it. The word “docere” in naturopathic Medicine translates to “doctor as teacher” and I want to empower my patients to take back their health by giving them the tools to do so. Our professors always told us patients don’t come to see us for their illnesses, they come to see us for what their illnesses took away from them, and you have a chance to give them back their life.” -Dr. Harmon

Practicing naturopathic medicine allows Dr. Harmon to investigate and treat the root cause of disease, to look at the patient as a human being, and treat them as a whole. She is committed to her community and excited to bring naturopathic care to Fort Wayne. Dr. Harmon works at Thrive Holistic Medicine and resides in Fort Wayne with her husband, Jake, 2 children and dog, Frank. They enjoy spending time with family and friends and enjoy being outdoors. They attend Headwaters Church in Fort Wayne, IN.


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